Our programs and activities are designed and maintained by experts in given fields, and the state-of-the art outdoor equipment is used. The program designers and advisers monitor the activities and improve the safety standards constantly.

Consecutively, we are proud to have gained very optimistic accident / incident record within 17 years of agency operation.

Nevertheless, there is always small element of risk, whenever one participates in outdooor activities (skiing, canoeing, cycling, beginners climbing) in natural surrounding. This element is actually extremely small, provided the activities are properly planned, prepared and guided.

In the rare case of accidents (or an illness not related with the activity itself) we certainly provide assistance such as transportation to the hospital, interpreting etc.

As it would be rather uneasy and also overly bureaucratic process to arrange insurance for the citizens of foreign countries participating in recreational outdoor activities in the Czech Republic, it is our policy that the insurance is responsibility of the sending party, (foreign travel agent who has offered the trip to a customer or a customer) and our rates do not include insurance and this fact is clearly stated in all our written materials (agreements, price lists etc.). Regardless the insurance, there is still criminal liability in cases activity participant was hurt by a fault, negligence or intention of a third party, be it an instructor, an agency or an activity provider.