Adrenaline Day at Slapy Dam

Slapy Dam represents one of nine water plants cascade built on Moldau River and can be reached within 40 minutes from Prague. This popular recreational area can boast wide scale of outdoor activities, sports and water entertainment.

Let’s spend one day in this beautiful place and enjoy thrilling experience at High Rope Centre with more than 60 elements divided in three different trails. Beginners as well as professionals will find their cup of tea here.

We warmly recommend combining this activity with Aquazorbing, an exceptional and thrilling experience on the water when you are set into a transparent plastic ball and send into the dam. If you have ever thought about how is it being inside a huge washing machine you have an excellent opportunity to find it out. Another option is to combine the High Rope Centre with Raftbuilding – great team activity offering not only fun and excitement but as well an excellent occasion for cooperation, communication and team work. The point is to build and design your own raft and prove its stability in the water.

Berounka Adventures

A stone’s throw from Prague you can explore with us Cesky Kras Nature Park boasting the scenic and almost wild landscape with steep karsts canyons and gorges situated in the lower reaches of the River Berounka, the region’s backbone. Legendary Karlstejn Castle which is inseparably bound with Czech history can be found here as well as many karst formations and cave complexes, for instance the famous Konepruske caves.

Climbing in Alcazar Quarry

Are you tempted by adrenaline and adventure? Then this half day program is the best challenge for you. There are many climbing routes of different difficulty at disposal and you can choose according to your experience and courage. Rappelling down from the 20m high overhang will definitely highlight your experience from this activity.

Adrenaline in combination with culture

This one day program offers great possibility to mix sport adventure with culture experience. Morning warm up during the Climbing and rappelling activity in Alcazar Quarry is followed by excursion in unique Solvay’s Quarry where the enthusiast workers will show you the history of mining and the process of transportation the limestone.

Beroun Brewery

One day program offers great mixture of outdoor, representing by Climbing and Rappelling activity, and culture event – excursion into the family run brewery Berounsky Medved.

Boyard Fortress

Let’s spend a half day in an old renovated factory inspired by legendary fortress Boyard. There are 21 rooms each with different logical and physical tasks where everyone can find him- or herself and the most important factor is the cooperation and teamwork.

Let the steam off, have fun and challenge yourself. The bar, sandy beach and beach chairs are at your disposal to relax, celebrate or arrange a training here. There is as well an occasion to oversleep in cosy, wooden and simply equipped cabins adjacent to the fortress.

Moldau Canyon Trekking

It is perhaps one of Prague best kept secrets – this bustling town is surrounded by green belt with dramatic rocky canyons, deep oak forests, and tiny rural villages.

Trekking program will take you along the spectacular trail in the green hills offering stunning views of rocky Moldau River Canyon. The trail winds through meadows and oak forests where you might see grazing deer and moufflon, amazing viewpoints and get acquainted with the history, sights and interesting places in this area.

Prague City Orienteering

Having long and rich history Prague is full of architectural jewels, fascinating places, mysterious corners, breathtaking legends and enigmatic stories. We have prepared unique and entertaining way how to discover this amazing city.

The program combines history, culture and sport with fun and adventure in a very inventive way and represents perfect alternative to ordinary sightseeing.

Sazava Adventures

Sazava River is perfect water for beginner’s canoeing and easy rafting. Deep, green and scenic valley with gently flowing waters (WW II of international scale) is dotted with several interesting, yet very safe and small rapids. The area can be easily reached by train, bus or car.
We chose combinations of the most thrilling outdoor sport options where the canoeing is the key activity for this day and can be complemented with one of the following activities:

1/ Rock climbing and rappelling
2/ Rope – activities (double rope, spider web, Mohawk, low X, etc.)
3/ Treasure hunt game (while canoeing participants must observe the nature around and collect indices to puzzle out the clue leading to a site with hidden treasure)