Do you have a question? Here are a few answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you haven’t found your answer, let us know and we might just add your question to the list.

Q: Are the Outdoor Discovery programs suitable for anybody who wants to participate?
A: Absolutely. Our focus is to give every participant (regardless of previous experience or fitness level) the opportunity to reach their personal goals. We are experienced in working with top athletes, school groups, and mentally and physically handicapped people. Also, families with young children can enjoy a variety of our summer programs with suitable activities. In general, we provide a wide variety of trips that require active participation to a greater or lesser degree.

Q: Is the Outdoor Discovery trip the right choice for my group?
A: We like to think that we can be flexible enough to meet the needs of most groups looking for outdoor programs. Whether you are bringing a group of twenty university students interested in a program of mixed activities and study visits, or a group of fifty school kids wishing to become outdoor explorers, we can help. If you can’t find what you are looking for in our standard offer , let us put together a program that fits your exact needs.

Q: When can I/we go?
A: Reservations are accepted year-round and programming is provided regardless of weather. The best time for joining our activities is between the months of March and November.

Q: What should I pack?
A: In all cases, you will need seasonally appropriate active wear and a rain coat is always handy. It is better to wear athletic shoes rather than hiking shoes, unless you are traveling to Krkonose Mountains or planning to participate in guided mountain hiking. If you plan to do some canoeing, remember you will need spare clothes. You will always need a jacket, hat and mittens while hiking in March-May or at the end of October. Your own cycling helmet is always preferred. Don’t forget to bring headlamps and torches if you plan to go bivouacing or participate in night survival.

Q: Do I need a sleeping bag?
A: Yes, if you plan to spend the night in outdoor bivouac but not for hotel trips. Do not forget to bring an insulation pad, and make sure that the sleeping bag is manufactured for outdoor overnights.

Q: What kind of currency shall I bring with me?
A: The official currency of the Czech Republic is the Czech Koruna but, in many places (especially in Prague and in bigger supermarkets), you can pay with Euros. There are many banks and currency exchange offices in the cities, at the airport, near the train stations and at the boarder crossings where you can exchange your money at a reasonable rate.

Q: How much spending money should I bring?
A: You may know that the Czech Republic was once one of the cheapest destinations in Europe. Although the prices have changed slighty, it is still the true that in small towns outside of Prague you pay 1/3 less for the services provided. The most noticable price difference is when eating at the small town restaurants.

Q: What types of hotels do you use?
A: A variety of local style accommodations are used including hotels, guesthouses, pensions, hostels, end even medieval castles. Most hotels are budget friendly, offering a clean and secure accommodation but with fewer amenities. On request, we arrange accommodation in tourist class ranked 3* to 4*.

Q: Is a towel part of the standard room equipment?
A: It depends. If you are a student and you choose to stay in a hostel, the towels are not provided. However, most of the hotels do provide soap, baths and wash towels. It really depends on the type of accommodation you choose to stay in. Feel free to contact us for a detailed description of services provided by a particular accommodation facility.

Q: Can I have a single room? Do I have to share?
A: If you are traveling in a small group or on your own you may be able to use the single room. However it is based on the occupancy and the terms. For school groups of 20 and more participants we do our best to arrange for single bed accommodations for at least 2-3 group leaders and bus drivers.

Q: Can I experience white water rafting in the Czech Republic?
A: Unfortunately not. Even though some information from other travel agents may be misleading, there is no typical natural rafting water. Those with rafting experience from Austria, Norway or South Turkey may be somewhat dissapointed: It can become a rather tedious job of pushing the raft on gravel river beds or paddling heavily on still water. On the other hand, you can enjoy a lot of teambuilding. In the Prague surroundings (The Prague green belt) is Sazava river which is one of the most suitable for canoing. You can enjoy paddling through deep valleys. If you are looking for a dose of adrenalin you can try the man made canals located in Prague and close to the Bohemian Paradise. This activity is not recommended for school groups.

Q: Why are Outdoor Discovery programs so affordable?
A: We do not own any vehicles, hotels, rental shops or ground handling companies. Instead, we carefully select the operators and facilities with whom we’ve come to rely on, based on our 17 years of experience.

Q: How large can the group be?
A: We can arrange for suitable accommodations and outdoor activities for groups of up to 200 people.

Q: What are the guides and instructors like?
A: Guides are carefully selected for their personality, travel experience and enthusiasm for outdoor activities. They facilitate the smooth running of your trip and are there to help you get the most out of your tour. They are all young people, mainly university students or university graduates. Outdoor activity instructors are recruited on the basis of their resourcefullness and expert skills, rather than for general travel knowledge.

Q: Are the trip destinations safe?
A: Safety is a high priority, however there are risks associated with adventurous activities that you should consider before booking. We consistently monitor our outdoor equipment and the work of our instructors, and we improve safety standards.

Q: Do I have to arrange for insurance when booking activities with your agency?
A: It is our policy that insurance is the responsibility of the sending party, (foreign travel agent who has offered the trip to a customer or customers) and our rates do not include insurance. Regardless the insurance, there is still criminal liability in cases where the active participant was hurt by the fault, negligence or intention of a third party, be it an instructor, an agency or an activity provider.

Q: How do I book the trip?
A: Call, mail us please. If you are a group and you know, that there is a specialised travel agent in your country offering Outdoor Discovery trips, the smoothest way is booking the program through your favourite travel agent in your home country. Such is the nature of travel business, that agents are able to provide better rates for transportation & service & insurance packages.

Q:Why should I choose Outdoor Discovery and what makes us different than other tour companies?
A: We are passionate orienteerers, climbers and bikers ourselves. We know perfectly the area where we take our customers. We do not charge extra for equipment needed for activities, such as helmets for mountain biking or safety vests for canoing and rafting. Our instructors are usually staying at the same hotel or very close to it and are therefore able to respond to your requests and address any concerns promptly. We believe you will be pleasently suprised by the personal approach of our instructors and the high level of activities provided.