Discovery Outdoor Staff: Swinging this time..

Well, you hardly recognize them this way, do you? These outdoor men and women with mountains, rocks and rivers in their hearts, all dressed in stylish 1930s retro attire, swinging on the floor to the tunes of a jazz band.


The ladies sported evening gowns, period jewellery and feather headpieces. The makeup was chic and underlined the feminine appearance. The gentlemen were clad in formal of a “between the wars” style.

It was Kamila, an outdoor guide, geography student and our friend, who came with the improbable idea of changing their social status – just for a little while.  To make the Outdoor Discovery Swing Ball a success, Kamila set up an enthusiastic crowd of organisers that put everything together: from the festively decorated dancing hall in Mala Skala to local delicacies an 8-piece strong jazz band. 


Over forty guides gathered. The general reaction during the party: what a refreshing experience to meet you as a gentleman, my old outdoor buddy…

Merging city charm with adventure in the Prague hills

Combining a full range of city delights with outdoor activities may sound like a good idea to many students. Prague, blessed with river canyons and green hills in its immediate vicinity, makes it possible.

Adventure Day on Sazava river.


It is increasingly popular with schools visiting Prague to enjoy the great Sazava river valley by canoe. But this is just half of the fun: you can use the historical train of Czech Railways to get there from Prague. Once on the river, plenty of activity breaks are available during the voyage. There is a fine climbing crag, a picnic site, a small archery  range – all just by the river. Basically, easy-going classes can combine barbecue and archery with canoeing, while the sporty ones can try climbing.

Day trips  or countryside


Choice is definitely wider for coach-equipped schools. Karlstejn, Konopiste, Terezin or any other „must-see“ excursion  is easily combineable with half-day climbing, orienteering or simply a walk in the surprisingly wild countryside. Naturally, there are also full day adventure programs within a short ride from Prague.


Some teachers see good reasons for the opposite approach: using a countryside recreational facility such as Lavka Park or Mechenice Camp - both within 25 minutes of Prague - and visiting the city on day trips.

Kick bikes. Now in Český Ráj too!

Although kick bikes (…or scooter) offers have mushroomed recently here in the Czech Republic and elsewhere, we admit we were somewhat skeptical of the new fad at the beginning. Would it be enjoyable enough for our typical customer (…a high school student in a cap, equipped with an MP3 player)?

Based in Malá Skála, there are some rather calm circuit options prepared along the Jizera river. There are also somewhat more adventurous down hill rides from the surrounding mountain tops, where the hardware is towed up and the riders descend 400 metres with the wind whistling in their ears


We provide Kosta Scooters, safety helmet and locks. School groups are accompanied by a guide/mechanic equipped with spare parts/tools.