Other Activities

Mountainbiking and climbing are among the most popular sports with Outdoor Discovery. However, there are many other enjoyable activities for those who seek them.

Here are just few program examples we supply.


The labyrinths of rugged and dramatic sandstone formations – so called “rock towns” may be explored on foot only. The scenic trails wind through rock passages, cool glens and finger shaped cliffs in Prachov, Hruba Skala, Kalich and Muzsky Rocks. Besides these rock clusters, the whole area of Bohemian Paradise is a great place for all walking activities as it is surprisingly rich in natural beauty and historic sights. Another experience is mountain walking in the Krkonose range – on a vast “altiplano” elevated to altitudes of 1200 – 1600 m. In both areas, there is a range of guided treks including those for experienced trekkers, and more gentle walks for the less energetic.


We offer horseback riding for all skill levels including those without any previous experience. You will ride experienced horses under qualified supervision. The more skilled will have an opportunity to ride in the open countryside.

Most farms have a sheltered riding hall and open riding grounds both with sandy floors. The “riding hour” means 60-minutes of open country riding or 45- minutes of (heavily staffed) riding in the riding hall. The programme starts with stable inspection and a brief commentary (interpreted) on stable management, handling the horses and riding instructions. Beginners and those with a little riding exxperience walk and ride the horses in the riding hall under qualified supervision. If necessary, there is one-to-one tuition available. Those person who ave a minimum of two years riding experience, can go riding across the hills and forests around the farm.


Spending the night in the wilderness “under the shining stars” and embracing the wonders of the night is an unforgettable experience. There is no need to build an artificial shelter – the rocky areas are usually dotted with semi-open caves or rock overhangs providing rain-free overnight shelter even during stormy nights. An open-fire wilderness BBQ may be a part of the experience.


Creative workshop presents great possibility to express your feelings, engage your fantasy and creativity and last but not least to spend your leisure time in active and unconventional way. Designing and making your own T-shirt, bag or jewels is only brief summary of activities offered. During this workshop everyone will find his cup of tea!
The workshop takes up to 3 hrs and is guided with professional artist the whole time. Furthermore we provide you with all kind of material needed and everyone will bring his/her masterpiece home as a souvenir for this fantastic time.


The outdoor programs may be complemented by a study visit or excursion to such places as the Skoda car factory, or to factory where the famous Czech crystal glass is being blown, cut and etched. Other possibilities include a visit to a coal mine that is 250 meters under the ground or a visit to the Czech capital, Prague, (which is only an hours drive away) with its numerous sights-of-interest. You may also meet Czech students, or visit a splendid chateau, or a farm or a stalactite cave. The possibilities are endless.