About Us

Discovery Tours, the parent company of Outdoor Discovery, was founded in 1991 as an incoming tour operator providing a range of standard ground services (hotel bookings, sightseeing tours, theatre tickets, restaurant, incentive arrangements etc.) in Prague and the Czech Republic. As the company’s “founding fathers” are passionate rock climbers and mountain bikers, introducing outdoor adventures into the Discovery Tours programs was only a matter of time. Today, the adventure tours and the “classic” incoming arrangements are both essential segments of Discovery Tours activity.

Our philosophy

Over the past 25 years our travel philosophy has remained the same: we believe that the countryside needs to be experienced, not just seen through a bus window. We take our clients to the rocks, mountains and forests – and navigate, bike and paddle through them – to enable our guests to immerse in the country they are visiting. We see the nature as the most stimulating environement for cementing any team.

Our instructors

At Outdoor Discovery we use our own system of instructor qualification, and the so-called “standard of knowledge,” which ensures that our instructors not only facilitate the smooth operation of each activity but also ensure the safety of each participant. For example, it is necessary for climbing instructors to not only pass the required schooling and examinations, but also to have at least two years of climbing experience. All of our instructors must be fluent in English and/or German, to ensure the smooth interaction with each participant. In addition, we evaluate the progress of all of our programs to identify any potential hazards and consult with experts in the various fields regarding the necessary provisions. To conclude, safety is our priority.

Our customers

We pride ourselves on having succesfully arranged activity holidays for thousands of guests since 1991. Our guests are mainly clients of travel agencies or adventure companies from Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Great Britain. In spite of the fact that many customers arrive being “organised’ in groups, we do not compromise the quality and personalised approach that we provide to each individual guest. We specialise in group tours for such organizations as schools, youth clubs, high schools, firms, companies, and clubs. We also provide active programs for families with small children and individual travellers.


We aim to provide low-impact adventure tourism with a strong emphasis on the environement. We are happy to invite our guests to share our idea of a sensitive approach to nature. Being the region’s leading agency in promoting sustainable development of adventure tourism, Outdoor Discovery spends a portion of it‘s income funding conservation projects in the Bohemian Paradise Nature Park region.